Going Everywhere and Nowhere

Before I started school, there were some weekends where I didn’t leave my house all day.  Most of the days when I had nowhere to go, I would go to Disneyland.

Today, I miss Disneyland. I stood home most of the day. Mainly, I stood home because I needed to observe Snowball for a few hours to make sure he’d been eating and drinking ok. I figured if I had to go anywhere, it would have been to the vet’s office or to Bunny Bunch to get supplies.  But, it got late. I did some research about what it could be or if I should be worried. I texted Caroline from Bunny Bunch and she said I should experiment with different hay.  So it seems that he will be ok, but I need to get him to eat more hay.

On days like this, I usually watch movies all day,clean and catch up on my DVR stuff. But, every now and again I get stuck on YouTube looking up videos of other places that I’d like to be.

I like to watch videos of rides at places that I will probably never go, like the new ones at Walt Disney World, Disney Paris, Disney Sea and the ones that don’t exist anymore at Disneyland, ect.  I love watching the videos of people visiting abandoned theme parks. If you get the chance, you should look up Nara Dream Land in Japan. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s almost like time traveling. The internet is cool that way.

So, that has led me to the only kind of tourism I’ve been able to do lately..the vicarious kind. I’ve stumbled upon these YouTube Channels of these guys that go to Disneyland nearly every day and do a bunch of things in Southern California. It’s like the greatest thing to me right now because I don’t have my Annual Pass anymore, so I can’t see all the new things that are happening and I have to go back to school again in about a week for a very intensive Summer season.

I started watching a YouTube Channel called Randomland/LiveFastDiePoor, where this guy (Justin Scarred) covers every aspect of Disneyland you could ever think of,  other Disney parks and properties and other tourist attractions in the LA/OC area. The great part about it is that it’s very edited and the guy is very entertaining. It wasn’t like anything I had ever seen, which is typically just video of the rides or interactions with the park Characters. He has a second vlog called The Sometimes Vlog which is a little less edited and more personal. Through that, I found another one called The Daily Woo.

This dude named Adam Woo had his vlog first and has been doing it for around 1400 episodes. It’s basically the same  idea. He used to travel around the US in van going to abandoned theme parks and random tourist spots. Then he settled in Orange County for a bit and is going back out to travel in his van around the US.

They sell merchandise and take donations to pay their bills and fund their travels, which is amazing. I mean who wouldn’t want to do whatever they feel like and get paid to do it? I envy that. But then again, I’m not a dude..so I would never live in a van. I’m not that into taking too many risks either. I value my stability too much.


I love these Vlogs and at the same time, it kind of makes me sad because they are essentially doing every day is what I wish I could do just every now and again. They seem to be having a lot more fun than I ever could even when I did have the time.

So check out Justin Scarred or Adam the Woo on Facebook or Twitter and find their YouTube Channels. You will not be disapointed. They’re also kid friendly, so that’s nice. No cursing or questionable material. Just a lot of crazy random fun.










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