Free Things: Anti-Stink

This is one of the craziest “free things” situations I have ever been party to. I have said it before and I will say it again, people love to give me things. Maybe it’s because I’m a lady, maybe it’s because I’m not afraid to ask or maybe it’s because I really do look and act like a naive child sometimes. I’m not complaining. Bring it on. I could ride this wave forever.

Today’s totally free gift came from THE UK from a complete stranger. Oh yeah, you heard that right. THE UNITED KINGDOM! Here’s the story:

I am a big fan of Lush Cosmetics, mainly because I have a lot of weird skin issues. I have always had eczema, dry scalp (misdiagnosed as dandruff) and adult acne. Also, lately I have developed some new allergies and have become more sensitive to artificial fragrances. And, I learned that certain fragrance additives in lotions and soaps will cause eczema to flare up. Living in California means hard water, blazing sun and occasional harsh winter will do crazy things to your skin.

One of the most annoying issues that I deal with is (sorry in advanced) that the last time I used deodorant/anti-perspirant in high school, I developed cysts. It was very painful and uncomfortable. Not to mention, all of those scary articles about how you NEED to let your body sweat. Blocking it from doing that can lead to health issues. If not cancer (which is caused by everything apparently), then I will tell you…you CAN develop cysts. Basically, you are blocking a natural function of your body that has the potential to cause bad things to happen. If you are a traditionalist and have spent the majority of your life using deodorant with aluminum..then congratulations. I however, have had my issues and have spent my adulthood researching natural alternatives to commonly used chemicals because I’m neurotic and know too much about too much.

All that being said, I know others like myself that have felt like they want to use non-aluminum deodorant that WORKS and will not leave them soggy (for lack of a better word). There is nothing more embarrassing than experimenting with natural deodorants and the consequences of them not working- at the moment when you need them the most. No one wants to spend too much money on something you need every single day of your life from puberty and on either.

I will save you the horror stories of weird deodorant paste, falling in love with Adidas non-aluminum with Cotton absorbent technology (which no longer exists), irritation caused from aluminum deodorant detoxing your armpits and the infamous, miracle CRYSTAL deodorant. I mean come on. Is it supposed to tell you your future before or after you rub it in? I’m pretty sure if it did, it would tell you that you’re doing to stink, go broke and feel like an idiot very soon.

The one thing that I have used in the past that has been successful, is Lush Cosmetics deodorant. Not all of them are winners. They don’t all work and some have a smell that you might like less than B.O. Like I mentioned before, your skin might do weird things once you switch over and they detox from the chemicals they were regularly exposed to. This should raise a red flag about what it has been doing to your body. As of now, they make two powders (Guv’ner and The Greeench), one solid bar for sensitive skin (Aromaco) and one combo solid/powder bar (T’ao).

Once upon a time, there was one called Coconut Deodorant Powder. It smelled so good, I wanted to eat it. It was made with coconut cream grated, coconut milk and coconut oil, cornstarch, tapioca powder ect. All of the ingredients are very gentle, absorbent and moisturizing for the skin. I used it for about two years and then they retired it. It doesn’t technically exist anymore.

I have tried so many other things (see above), nothing works that well without frequent reapplication and most make you smell like a hippy (if you’re into that kind of thing). So sadly, I had been forced to look elsewhere and make due with what I found online.Schmidt’s deodorant paste has been one of my favorites.

Ever since Coconut Deodorant by Lush expired, I often mentioned to the sales people, the Twitter account and on Facebook that I loved it and missed it. All just because I figured maybe one day they would bring it back. I believe it has been around two, maybe three years since they stopped making it. Lush products expire because they are made of all natural products, so you can’t just look it up and buy it on Amazon.

Last weekend, I was told by an employee that there is a thing called the Lush Kitchen in the UK that makes  a small batch of very limited edition products every two days. He said they had JUST made Coconut deodorant powder the other day, but I had just missed it. It gave me hope and then killed that hope. I looked up their Facebook page and once again, mentioned that I liked the product and just wanted to mention that I would love it if it came back one day. They sent me a message asking me to send my address so that they could notify me if they decided to make it again. I thought sending my snail mail to be notified of a product release was weird, but hey..I’m a trusting person.

Then, I went on E-bay and found a couple people selling it for $18.00 each. I bought one because I knew it would last me a while and if I could only have it one more time, I thought I would take advantage of that situation.

Then, mom said I had a package. I thought it was the product I had purchased from E-Bay. Low and behold..TWO FREE BOTTLES OF LUSH COCONUT DEODORANT with a lovely card saying it was a gift. The shipping alone, would have been $26.00. The deodorant is $9.00 each (not including tax). If I had purchased it, it would have costed me almost $50.00.

I know it sounds a bit over exaggerated to say that this was a high note of my week (so far), but it is definitely one of the most unusual free thing situations I have experienced in my life. I have to laugh because it’s so small and not essential to the deeper things in life, but God surely has a sense of humor.


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