Celebritology: Part 2

So those are some fun stories where my sense of adventure paid off.

These stories, are not.

Hiding from Josh Gad

I was near the Starbucks on Main street at Disneyland, just waiting around with some friends. We noticed that one of the tour guides was taking an order on her little I-Pad looking thing. And there he is- Josh Gad. He was very nonchalant. He was standing with his daughter in a stroller and waiting for his coffee. I wanted to do or say something so badly, but my friends told me I couldn’t because he was with family. I kind of panicked inside because I knew the opportunity wouldn’t come around again, but I didn’t want to gawk. When the tour guides are with celebrity, it is always for security purposes. One of my friends posed as if he was scrolling on his cellphone and took the picture in the previous post.

I hid behind a post, as if he was going to look at me with a hellcat stare and my memory of seeing the real Olaf would have been destroyed forever.

Someone else who had seen him that day, had the gall to ask him to pose hugging her stuffed bear. He looked annoyed, but he did it. She posted it on Facebook.

Screaming at John Stamos from a distance…

John Stamos is a very distinctive looking man. He’s beautiful and walks with this insane amount of swagger.

My friend and I were at the Mad T Party (cover band in the theme of Alice in Wonderland). We started to walk away and she started SCREAMING and pointing. She was intelligible. I looked in the general direction and we had no idea what we were going to do. He walked through very quickly with his friends and/or family and we just stood there screaming about how he is gorgeous and has a perfect smile.

Waving like an idiot at Dave Foley

You know how, in the movie Never Been Kissed, Drew Barrymore smiles like a huge dork and waves while the popular kids throw eggs at her head? It was a lot like that.

I had just watched Dave Foley’s standup on Netflix the night before. I had watched Kids In the Hall on a regular basis. I loved Bug’s Life. I was not prepared to walk right past the guy in Disneyland the next day. You could say I had a sense of familiarity that only existed in my head with the guy.

I’m walking by the Matterhorn and he’s walking through Tomorrowland in the opposite direction. In that split second, it made sense to smile and wave as if he was a long lost relative. He either didn’t see me or he completely ignored me. It was really funny about a week afterward, when I finally got over the embarrassment.

Insulting Taylor Hanson

I’ve been a Hanson fan since I saw Mmmbop on VH1, many years ago. I’ve been to at least one show on every tour they have ever played. I have always thought Taylor was the most attractive male I had ever seen.

As a young teen, I imagined and ran through the many things I would say to him if I ever met him. I always felt like it would have been somewhat doable given the right planning. Not having a car or any money to get anywhere, I was always just a step behind their personal appearances and surprise appearances. I NEARLY met them through Michelle Branch, but could not shake the fear of getting kicked out by security.

I never did catch up with them. I went to college. I saw a few of their smaller shows along the way. I figured that would be as close as I would ever get to any of them, but it was still closer than when I was a teen and they were worlds away.  They were all married and had a handful of kids between them anyway. But,  I still enjoyed the music and supported them.

They started doing these pre-show mile barefoot walks to raise awareness about how most children in Africa spend their whole lives walking around without shoes. It was so that we got to experience it, have compassion and so that people watching us walk around in a large group would ask what we were doing. They also sold TOM’S brand shoes to support the cause afterwards.  It was a chance to walk right next to them and talk to them.

I never expected to walk right next to Taylor. I have been on three of these walks and never purposely tried to get to them. I didn’t avoid them either.

I finally was right next to Taylor and I ask him if the founder of TOM’S is making a profit, because it’s obviously not a non-profit organization.I ask if it was like the Gap does the “(R)ed” campaign. He was a little caught of guard about how clearly accusatory I was. He said that it was a for-profit company, but that “Tom” wasn’t driving some luxury vehicle or getting rich off of it. He said he thought it was great what the Gap does and that they are just trying to raise awareness.

Then, this cute little blond chick comes back in and says how great they are for doing The Walks. He turns to her and totally stops talking to me.

Meanwhile, I turn beet red. I walk away, start hyperventilating and re-tell the story a few times to my poor friend whom I had forgotten that I had left behind.I had honestly meant to witness to him about what the Bible says about charity and love. It sounded so much better in my head. I will never recover.

Mickey Dolenz is a full of himself and his band basically hates him

Mickey Dolenz is best known for the TV show and band known as The Monkees. I’m a big fan of 60s and 70s nostalgia.

Me and my dear friend Stacey went to see him (pictured) and his sister Coco do a show on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. We both had a blast. There was a very long line to a Meet and Greet afterwards. I just kind of stared into space trying to plan what I would say that could leave an impression, but not be too over the top.

And while I’m daydreaming, I overhear the band mates standing on the sidelines talking about how much they hate him. They say that he’s so full of himself and that they were not allowed to participate in the Meet and Greets. Apparently, he gets upset when someone asks one of them for a picture of autograph. They said he was a has-been.

I felt as if I had seen someone take off Mickey Mouse’s head and revealed the person underneath. At that moment, I forgot everything that I was planning to day. I couldn’t believe that someone who seemed so well mannered on tv, was such a butthead.

When we finally got up there, the guy taking the pictures insulted Stacey’s camera. This is why she looks like she wants to punch someone. I just ended up saying that I was a big fan and shook his hand.  Perhaps Peter is a nicer guy. I’m going to hope that he is.

Coming next: Celebritology Part 3: What I have learned and tips for appropriate interactions with celebrities


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