So Cal Culture: Celebritology Part 1

As much as people say that celebrities are overrated. I would have to say that It’s always interesting to know that super talented human beings walk amongst us. I have been fortunate to have had a fair run in with a good amount of them and to have been raised by parents who were never afraid to talk to anyone about anything.

In Northern California, it’s a lot easier for them to hide away in their homes or fancy hotels without being bothered too much. Jamie Lee Curtis and Ellen frequently stay at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur. Mike Love of the Beach Boys and John Travolta own homes in Carmel. But, you would never know that unless you were a local to the area who happened to work in nearby businesses and high-end motels (or in a State Park).

In Southern California, they are hiding in plain sight but no local can seem to agree on proper celebrity interaction etiquette. It’s really a matter of what the specific situation is and whether or not you consider your personal amusement or their comfort level to be the priority.

My parents taught me to seize the moment and live a little, which has made for some very fun I Love Lucy type experiences which I share with you:

1) When I was in high school. I met someone in a Hanson chat room who was advertising her friend Michelle Branch’s music and website. At the time, she was completely unknown and living with her family in Sedona, Arizona. I ordered her CD which was adorably accompanied by a thank you note.
To make a long story short, I had offered to write a music review for her in my local paper and mailed her a copy after we had done an e-mail interview. I asked her what plans she had for the future of her career. She told me big things were coming, but she couldn’t really talk about it. She invited me to see her perform at a show in Hollywood while she was there (I later found out she was signing onto a major label).
Disclaimer: I do not recommend chasing down anyone you met on the internet as a general rule. But, this was a solid situation at the time. I guess you had to be there to understand, it was all very safe and harmless. In a very cool/uncool manner, I had my parents drop my friend and I off at this event.
It turned out to be a  major charity gig known as the Art of Elysium. I had to drop Michelle’s name to get in because they were “full.” Low and behold, there were celebrities galore. We met and took a picture with Rachel Leigh-Cook. We saw Mark Walberg, Nick Cannon and Jeremy Pivens. And we got to see Michelle Branch and Duncan Sheik do an acoustic show in very close range.
2) l’m a huge fan of Weird Al. I’m not sure how, when, or why. But I just am.
I’m also a huge fan of The Beatles and their solo music.
When the opportunity arises to see Paul McCartney solo in L.A. and my dad is paying- of course I go. He bought a couple of the cheaper seats and had one $200.00 seat. He let me take the $200.00 seat because he’s cool like that.
I’m sitting there for about 20 minutes into the show and I see Weird Al across the row. I enjoy the show and try to think of a way to get to him. I didn’t have a cellphone camera (or any camera for that matter). I wasn’t sure how this was all going to go down, but I was determined to take this opportunity of fate. I didn’t want to interrupt this already amazing show and I was sure the last thing he needed was to be bombarded by a weirdo stalker. But, what did I have to lose?
So, I wait until the last encore and everyone is rushing out. I had to meet up with my dad and sister so we could go home, but I was not thinking about that AT ALL. I watched him walk up the aisle. He walks with the stride of a gazelle on stilts and I run right behind him. I really had no plan. When I finally caught up to him, I tapped him on the back. He turns around and I SPAZ OUT. I tell him that I’m his biggest fan (so cliche) and he looks at me in that very cartoonish and confused Weird Al expression (one eyebrow way up, with a bit of a sneer).  He says, “oh, really?” I desperately look around for a pen to get an autograph on my concert booklet and there is none to be found. He shrugs, his shoulders and looks at me very sympathetically. Then, he wraps is big, long arms around me and gives me one of the biggest hugs I’ve ever had. 
At this point, my sister and dad found me when this all was going down. My sister says, “Adriana??!!!” 
Then, he walked away because he was in a hurry of course. And I just kind of stand there is shock and dismay of how this all went down. 
Next on Celebritology: Misc minor encounters with celebrities (ie. hiding from Josh Gad) and what I have learned about the etiquette of approaching one. 

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