Let’s Get This Party Started

    First, allow me to introduce myself to those of you who know and do not know me.

     I’m Adriana.  I’ve lived in Southern California my entire life. I love to write, over think and explore the world around me daily. I have written for my own purposes n (journals and personal poetry) since I was around  nine and have been published previously, from around 16 to now, by The Press Enterprise in Riverside, the Cal State-Monterey Bay student newsletter and Campus Circle in Los Angeles mainly covering entertainment pieces with a bit of dabbling in fashion, beauty, and food.

     To say I have taken a bit of a break would be a huge understatement, as I have been published around two times in the past 10 years after finding that journalism isn’t what it was right before I started going to college. Everything is online. Print is dead and EVERYONE is doing it. Everyone is doing it for practically free. Needless to say, that means that making a career out of it was not a practical plan for me. It became very discouraging for me to do anything more than keeping a personal blog to keep track of lessons learned and valuable memories. I’ve had my three loyal readers since, just reading story after story of EVERYTHING I’ve been through. Which I’m sure was a bit overwhelming and uninteresting at times.

      I should also mention that I haven’t had a real computer since I graduated from college in 2005, which was also a major obstacle to doing anything related to being published.

      But, now I have finally purchased a laptop and have come to the realization that I need to get with the times, do what I enjoy and share that with the world.

     The inspiration for this blog comes from some of the people in my life that have said a few things that will always stick with me for good or bad reasons.

       My father once said, “It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen the same things everyday. You can always choose to look at them in a different way.”  I’m sure it was something he made up in the spur of the moment to get me to stop complaining about being a kid completely “trapped” in Julia Pfeiffer State Park in Big Sur for three months every Summer. But, it was true and it changed the way I thought about the numberous times in my life when I had to spend all of my Spring, Summer and Winter vacations in various state parks in California with him.

      Secondly, I reluctantly give partial credit to an old friend of mine that once expressed sympathy for how “bored” and “lonely” I must be living alone because she “knew how that felt.” She had projected her own experience and insecurity onto me, which was laughable to me having been very content in my own company and never letting it stop me from having a good time. I very quickly let her know that I was nearly never at home because there was always something new to experience and a ton of people that I loved to spend time with.

        And third, but not least by any means, I thank my heavenly Father for his creation of the earth and the creativity of human beings (made in the image of God) who create art, music, dance, food, ect that I can appreciate and share with others.

       I would also like to thank and make note of constant encouragement and support of my very distant but very dear friends and fans, Stacey, Jada and Mikey.

      To you, my readers in Southern California, I invite you to journey with me as I continue to experience the world around me and inspire you to look at the things you see everyday in a new way. To my beyond So Cal readers, I invite you take a trip outside your neighborhood and into my big/little world.

       Thank you for reading and welcome!



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